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Active Members

Current or retired municipal, county, state, federal and military law enforcement, probation, parole and detention officers having the powers to arrest. State approved campus, special company police officers and DOD/DHS intelligence officers.

Associate A Members

Sworn personnel without arrest powers, detention officers, law enforcement support personnel (such as crime scene techs, tele-communicators, evidence custodians, crime lab techs, police service aides, DMV examiners, etc.), active reserve officers with arrest powers and part-time law enforcement officers including state-approved campus and special company police.

Associate B Members

All law-abiding citizens, lacking felony and serious misdemeanor convictions, found worthy. No law enforcement connection required.

Membership open enrollment is at the open meeting the first Tuesday every month at 5 pm.


To apply for approval to the member's only section, click "Request Access" above.

To complete the renewal process and you already have an account, click "Member Login" or select the appropriate form above.

If approved you will receive an email notification.


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